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  • The 3rd largest expense in life is a funeral.

  • A funeral is the #1 biggest unplanned expense.

  • The #1 most expensive single item is the casket. 

  • Caskets are the biggest opportunity to reduce the cost of a funeral.

  • Buy the Casket online and save $1,000, 2,000, even $4,000 or more! 


Funeral homes have been known to markup prices for Caskets by 300% to 600% 

⇒Buy the Casket Online and SAVE $1,000, $2,000, even $4,000 or More!!

save money

Know this:  It’s okay to save some money by buying the Casket online.  It really is okay … and savvy!  If anything, spend the savings on a SPECTACULAR-HEADSTONE.


Funeral Homes are already highly profitable without the additional Casket sale.  There are about 21,080 funeral homes across the U.S.A..  These 21,080 Funeral Homes are collectively paid a whopping $20.7 Billion per year.  They can forgo one more Casket sale… 



#1 BEWARE !!! – Funeral Directors may offer a “Discounted Package Price” on the entire funeral if you buy one of their Caskets – but there really isn’t a discount.  There may appear a reduced casket price, however the difference is rolled back into their basic service fee.

#2 BEWARE !!! – Funeral Homes find ways to up-charge, on other items, when asked to price-match a lower casket price.  Have their written Estimate in hand first, then ask for a price-match or let them know you won’t be buying one of their Casket. Don’t be shy… they aren’t.  

#3 BEWARE !!! – Some States have powerful Lobbies that are attempting to prevent you from these savings.  These states include Louisiana, Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, Tennessee and Vermont.

#4 BEWARE !!! – This can be a very emotional purchase.  Bring or involve a trusted friend or relative.  When people are in grief, they are naturally drawn to products based on how comforting they are perceived to be.  Funeral Homes take advantage of this! 

#5 BEWARE !!! – The Cemetery may require an outer burial container.  These are primarily to minimize ground settling.  Burial vaults are often much more expensive than grave liners. Grave liners cost between $750 and $1,200.  Burial vaults cost between $1,000 up to $10,000+.  You do not have to buy the outer burial container from the Cemetery. However, a liner or vault purchased elsewhere must meet the Cemetery’s size, shape, and material specifications.

#6 BEWARE !!! Order the Casket as soon as possible.  Some casket prices include only 4-5 day standard shipping.  If expedited 1-2 day shipping is required, the approximate cost is $280 plus up to $165 depending on how far the delivery point is from a commercial airport.


#1 TIP !!  Get the Funeral Home’s written Estimate in your hands early on.

#2 TIP !!  Do not begin to negotiate until you have their written Estimate in hand. 

#3 TIP !!  Buy the Caskets Online instead, while holding the rest of the costs to the Estimate. 

#4 TIP !!  Don’t commit to buying a casket until you’ve seen our PRODUCTS.

#5 TIP !!  Don’t wait to order! Some casket prices only include Ground Shipping.

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Everyday, caskets are being delivered all over the continental U.S.A. in just one or two days.


Our Customers can take comfort knowing their order is handled through a World Class delivery chain.


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