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Funeral Home caskets are notorious for being way overpriced. 

The Funeral Home is all too perfectly willing to take your money.

The same casket is usually available online for at least $1,000 less, probably much more than that. 

#1 TIP !!  Get the Funeral Home’s written estimate early on.

#2 TIP !!  Do not begin negotiating until you have their written estimate in hand. 

#3 TIP !!  Buy the Casket Online for less while holding the rest of the costs down. 

#4 TIP !!  Don’t commit to buying a casket until you’ve seen our selection of CASKETS.

#5* TIP !!  Order the Casket within 24-48 hours after passing.  Some Casket Prices only cover standard shipping.  

*Note:  It may cost extra for expedited shipping. Check product shipping details closely.  Some prices include only ground shipping.  If necessary, Air shipping a casket costs approximately $280. Plus an additional $100 if delivery is within 50 miles of airport ,or $165 if delivery is within 150 miles of airport.

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) realized the consumer was getting gouged by the Funeral Homes. That’s why legislation was passed in 1984 to protect the Consumer.   


IMPORTANT !!   The Funeral Rule of 1984 says consumers can buy the casket for funeral services online…  have it delivered directly to the funeral home … and the Funeral Home has to use that casket.  

Furthermore, the Funeral Home CAN NOT do the following:

  1. Charge a handling fee – No!

  2. Refuse delivery – No way!

  3. Ask for a receipt – Oh No!

  4. Require the family to sign a disclaimer – Nope!

  5. Withdraw a discount offer – Big No-no!

  6. Make any slanderous statements – No can do!

Violations can be reported to the FTC here. 

Beware !!  A lonely few states have retained powerful lobbies that prevent anyone but a licensed funeral establishment from selling caskets.  Yes, in spite of the Funeral Rule!!  Make sure to check the regulations in your state as part of your casket research.  The states you may encounter resistance include: Louisiana, Alabama, Idaho, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Minnesota, Tennessee and Vermont.


Caskets serve a primary purpose.  A dignified way to display, move, and transport the deceased before burial or cremation. 

IMPORTANT:  It’s okay to save some money by buying the casket online.  It really is okay … and savvy!  If anything, spend the savings on a spectacular headstone

Know this:  These are the exact same caskets that Funeral Homes offer … just at much lower prices!  Why? … no 300% to 600% Middleman markup.

Keep in mind:   No casket, regardless of its material, qualities or cost, will preserve a body forever in time. 

Shipping of Caskets:

Everyday, caskets are being delivered all over the continental U.S.A. in just one or two days.



Our Customers can take comfort knowing their order is handled through a World Class delivery chain.  



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